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Our mission is to design simple, but effective homes that are attractive, durable and use space efficiently. We design super insulated and zero energy homes in a soulful and creative way with healthy living in mind. 

Mottram Architecture is a full service architecture firm specializing in energy efficient residential home design and home design or renovation within 250 feet of any major lake, river, or water body in Maine.  We are licensed in Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and New York.  We design for cold climate building, but we think energy performance anywhere in the country is important and we strive to provide our clients with the best information available!

We firmly believe in integrated design and look at everything from water consumption, energy consumption, building envelop, orientation, and function.  Many homes are beautiful, but all homes should inspire the homeowner and require less effort to maintain.

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Why You Should Hire an Architect

Rarely do people realize how complicated and time consuming a building project can be until it’s too late and nothing has gone right.  By hiring an Architect, you will benefit from the expertise of someone trained to get the most out of your space and your budget. Hiring an Architect is not without cost, but they are paid to make your vision a reality, often times saving you money, and creating spaces that are even more inspiring then you could imagine.

Architecture is a licensed profession.  Architects spend years acquiring the education and training necessary to help you make the best decisions during the design and construction process.  It goes beyond functionality because they think holistically about creating a home or a space that enriches the client’s desired lifestyle. By hiring an Architect you can save a lot of hassle on your project, make life easier, and end up with a result that meets your needs and your budget. Architects are trained to solve problems in creative ways and can make square footage work in ways you would never have considered. The placement of a door, window or walls can alter, change, enhance, or ruin your room design. A professional architect will know how to make all these things work together to achieve the desired outcome. They also understand the importance of elements such as natural light.

Mottram Architecture is the reason our remodel is so functional till this day. Emily took the time to listen to our ideas, asked numerous questions, and really got a feel for what we wanted out of the project. She then walked us through several different design possibilities which incorporated new ideas for our old farm house. The functional use of space and getting what you want out of a project even when you might not know exactly what you want is the reason we would use Mottram Architecture again and recommend using them for a remodel or a new build.

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