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Mottram Architecture is a full service architecture firm specializing in energy efficient design and construction. We offer planning, programming and consulting services, as well as schematic design, design development, construction documents, construction administration and interior architecture. We also offer energy consulting services. If you are looking for an Energy Star Certification, HERS Rating, or just a simple energy audit we would love to help you out. We are based in Maine, but Emily is also registered in Pennsylvania and Texas. We started out with cold climate design, but doing energy consulting across the US has expanded our knowledge in several other climates and specialties.

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Energy Evaluations, HERS Ratings, Energy Efficient Mortgage Ratings, Energy Star Homes

Why You Should Hire an Architect
Rarely do people realize how complicated and time consuming a building project can be until it’s too late and nothing has gone right. By hiring an Architect, you will benefit from the expertise of someone trained to get the most out of your space and your budget. Hiring an Architect is not without cost, but they are paid to make your vision a reality, often times saving you money, and creating spaces that are even more inspiring then you could imagine. Architecture is a licensed profession. Architects spend years acquiring the education and training necessary to help you make the best decisions during the design and construction process. It goes beyond functionality because they think holistically about creating a home or a space that enriches the client’s desired lifestyle. By hiring an Architect you can save a lot of hassle on your project, make life easier, and end up with a result that meets your needs and your budget. Architects are trained to solve problems in creative ways and can make square footage work in ways you would never have considered. The placement of a door, window or walls can alter, change, enhance, or ruin your room design. A professional architect will know how to make all these things work together to achieve the desired outcome. They also understand the importance of elements such as natural light.
Do You Need an Architect
Some municipalities require a licensed architect, be sure to verify that the Architect you select is registered in the state where you are building. A call to your local town office or planning department will clarify the requirements in your area. Additionally, the zoning codes of many municipalities specify a number of requirements that must be followed when building a new structure or adding on or remodeling an existing structure. Architects are qualified to review these requirements and prepare the necessary documents for approval. Knowing these design restrictions prior to starting a project can remove a lot of headache and disappointment when you realize you can’t building your dream home on your piece of property due to a town or city restriction. Clients rarely understand the amount of time the Architect dedicates to verifying all the requirements are met in order to provide a successful project.
What Do I Need To Know When I’m Selecting an Architect
Chemistry is key when choosing an Architect since you will be spending a lot of time together and sharing a great deal of your own personal information during the process. Architects often specialize in certain types of building, and are not all equally great in all fields, so you should select an Architect that matches your desired interests. Ask for referrals. Find projects similar to your own and ask to visit the job site or home. If you can speak with the client, ask them about their experience and if there were any issues that you need to be made aware of before you hire this Architect. Review their professional credentials and call all the references that they provide. Just like reading reviews, not everyone will have the same reaction or care about the same things that you do, so ask questions and do your homework. I offer an initial one-hour consultation for free to all of my potential clients because it is important to assess whether the Architect is able to listen to your ideas and offer creative and financially feasible solutions to your problems. It is important to determine if you are able to connect with the Architect, prior to hiring them to design your home. Ask how fees will be structured so there are no surprises down the road for fees that added up during the course of the project. A job can be priced as a fixed figure, a percentage of total construction costs, or on an hourly time and materials basis. Make sure all elements of the contract are clearly spelled out in writing and that you agree to the terms. You can always modify the scope of work and add or subtract from the project as your ideas and budgets are developed. I always ask my clients to provide photos of buildings they like from magazines and other sources. The architect should accommodate your lifestyle and specific space requirements. I also have a questionnaire that I provide with my initial consultation package that asks my clients to identify how they want to feel in their spaces, which spaces need to access the outdoors, and how they intend to use the space. Every client is different and every home should be unique.