For the last four years, Mottram Architecture has been providing the reproduction drawings necessary for Community Concepts Self Help Program.  The program helps homeowners build their own homes.  Part of the funding also requires Energy Star certification, so these home, although simple in design, pack a powerful punch in the energy efficiency category.  With blower door numbers below 500 CFM, and in some cases below 300 CFM, these ultra tight homes require ventilation for adequate indoor air quality and special heating system adjustments to accommodate for the building tightness.  They provide high R-value walls, and ceilings, as well as Energy Star lighting to keep the cost of living down for the homeowners once they move into their homes.

For more on the Self Help program please visit HUD’s Website.

For more on the Self Help program in Oxford, Androscoggin, and Franklin Counties in Maine, visit Community Concepts Website.

We feel this program has so many benefits to the built environment and we will continue to work on it as long as funding is available!

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