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Our goal is to provide energy efficient, super insulated, and zero energy ready homes, to the market in a soulful and creative way. Your home should embody your physical, mental and social well being.  

Mottram Architecture specializes in energy efficient residential design or renovation. We design for cold climate building, but we think the impact of housing everywhere in the country is important and we strive to provide our clients with the best information available!

We practice integrated design and look at everything from water consumption, energy consumption, building envelope, orientation, and function.  Many homes are beautiful, but all homes should require less effort to operate and maintain. Our design philosophy is simple, attractive, and durable homes that use space efficiently. We are not hung up on the square footage of a home, but are more interested in how you live and how your home can best meet your needs.

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Why You Should Hire an Architect

Rarely do people realize how complicated and time consuming a building project can be until it’s too late and nothing has gone right.  By hiring an Architect, you will benefit from the expertise of someone trained to get the most out of your space and your budget. Hiring an Architect is not without cost, but they are paid to make your vision a reality, often times saving you money, and creating spaces that are even more inspiring then you could imagine.

Architecture is a licensed profession.  Architects spend years acquiring the education and training necessary to help you make the best decisions during the design and construction process.  It goes beyond functionality because they think holistically about creating a home or a space that enriches the client’s desired lifestyle. By hiring an Architect you can save a lot of hassle on your project, make life easier, and end up with a result that meets your needs and your budget. Architects are trained to solve problems in creative ways and can make square footage work in ways you would never have considered. The placement of a door, window or walls can alter, change, enhance, or ruin your room design. A professional architect will know how to make all these things work together to achieve the desired outcome. They also understand the importance of elements such as natural light.

Mottram Architecture is the reason our remodel is so functional till this day. Emily took the time to listen to our ideas, asked numerous questions, and really got a feel for what we wanted out of the project. She then walked us through several different design possibilities which incorporated new ideas for our old farm house. The functional use of space and getting what you want out of a project even when you might not know exactly what you want is the reason we would use Mottram Architecture again and recommend using them for a remodel or a new build.

The Gould's

Renovate with Mottram Architecture

"Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it"  Sir Henry...
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Building + Science: Moisture Movement In Your Home

I belong to a group forum filled with other architects. We bounce ideas, products, and share knowledge. One of the questions posted this week had to do with vapor barriers and insulation systems. Then, a few days later, I met up with another energy professional and we...
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The Red Barn Home with Mottram Architecture

The Red Barn Home was inspired by two lovely individuals who were looking to downsize as they moved into retirement. The property overlooks a pasture and since the new home would be in view of the existing home, they loved the idea of a barn. So here is a little more...
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Under Construction with Mottram Architecture

More going on at the Slate Farmhouse with Live Solar Maine This wall is going to have some amazing vintage windows that open the mudroom/entry to the kitchen to add daylight without adding penetrations through our thermal envelope. It also allows us to add interest...
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“If you haven’t lived in an energy-efficient home, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

"If you haven’t lived in an energy-efficient home, you don’t know what you’re missing." This is the opening line in an article written on October 1st for the Portland Press Herald by Marina Schauffler. I thought this article hit on a few high points and I thought that...
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Maine Lake House Renovation

We have a lot of water in Maine and people love to live on the water! So we are pleased to share with you, one of our lake house renovations! There is a common misconception that you can do whatever you want with your property. However, national, state, and local...
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On The Boards with Mottram Architecture

Mottram Architecture is venturing into the world of plan set availability! We feel strongly that everyone should have access to good design, both efficient, functional, and healthy. Over the last year we have had many discussions with builders about whether or not we...
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Under Construction With Mottram Architecture

The next Live Solar Maine house is going up! If you've been following along with us, or seen Emily over the last 2 years, she has probably talked to you about the Solar Farmhouse and the Zero Energy Ready/ Positively Solar community that she is involved with in...
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Energy Efficient Maine Lake House Renovation

Here at Mottram Architecture we concentrate on two things: Energy Efficiency and Building on the Water! Maine is full of water, so over the years we have developed a specialty in building on the water! That applies to: "all land areas within 250 feet, horizontal...
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Breaking Ground: Maine Community Foundation

We are so blessed to have been involved in designing this project as a prototype for Maine! Watch this visual story by Thalassa Raasch and the Maine Community Foundation https://youtu.be/MoI3G9_R4dY  
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Mottram Architecture – In the Community

It's been a very busy year for us here at Mottram Architecture, but today I want to take a moment and highlight a project that we are really proud of. If you follow us, you may have already seen some posts we have shared about this project which kicked off in December...
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Before & After Kitchen Renovation on the Lake

Who doesn't love a before and after project! This project really brought this house to life. From a tiny kitchen and a dysfunctional entry to an open concept entertainer's dream! On this project I worked with one of my favorite kitchen designers, Jen with Indisco and...
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Build Equinox 7-Steps for Designing an Economical Net Zero Home

I just got the following email in my inbox and I wanted to share with everyone who follows my blog. 7 Steps for Designing an Economical Net Zero Home (May 25) Join us on May 25th for our first Energy Modeling Webinar! This webinar will demonstrate how ZEROs is used to...
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Go Green With Your Kitchen

We are thrilled to have another guest post by Matt Lee at Allura Go Green With Your Kitchen Green building design continues to grow in popularity as more options become available to homeowners. With sustainability and lower energy costs on the lists of most people...
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Mottram Architecture Project of the Month: Modern Solar Farmhouse with Live Solar Maine

We are thrilled to announce that the Modern Solar Farmhouse is featured this spring in the Green and Healthy Homes Maine magazine!  If you're local and would like a free copy, let me know. Supplies are limited. Or you can pick up a copy on local news stands now!...
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Energy Efficient Building with Foster Tech and WMCA

On the road today, so how about a few updates on the Foster Tech/ WMCA project! Started adding sheathing, interior stud walls, drip edge - oh yeah and shoveling! Maine is getting hammered this spring with snow, but everyone is still working! 6 people shovel, 1 person...
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Popular Culture Connection: Energy Modeling

We use REMRate to do energy modeling on our non-passive house projects and in order to submit projects for HERS ratings and other certifications we are part of the Resnet community.  We love to hear about energy modeling in the news, so here are a few things: We would...
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Building Strategies: Using Energy Modeling to Measure Home Performance

When designing a new home, what qualifies as important to you? How about lots of natural light, well regulated heating & cooling for comfort? What if you had all of that plus reduced utility bills? When you're designing a home, wouldn't it be great if there was a...
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Building Strategies: Building homes with Intelligent Designs

Are you thinking of building a new home? What qualities of a home are important to you? How about modern design, spaces with lots of natural light, well regulated heating & cooling for comfortable room temperatures? What if you had all of that plus reduced utility...
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Educate and Advocate: Start Your Path to Net-Zero

At Mottram Architecture we are passionate about promoting and practicing sustainable living and integrated design. Our energy efficient building design approach helps our clients achieve a healthy home and make a positive impact on their community and our environment....
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