Context:  After buying a lake house on a beautiful lake in Maine, these homeowners realized they needed more space to share their get-a-way with friends and family.  Conscience of the environment, building on the lake, and keeping the natural beauty of Maine, these homeowners wanted to minimize their impact and maximize their space.

Conclusion:  Because the home is on the lake which requires a 25′ height restriction and all new property to be built behind the 100′ setback, this home became a low, craftsman style bungalow. To blend into the natural surroundings it extends out from the center and keeps it’s rooflines low and wide.

Energy Efficiency:  Because these homeowners do not live here year round, this home will boast a super insulated envelop and high tech controls which allow the homeowner to open and close the shades, turn the heat up or down, and monitor the home remotely.  For comfort and environmental reasons, this home will occupy the same footprint as the existing home that will be torn down, with the exception of a second floor with additional bedrooms that were not present in the original home.

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