Context:  After buying a 30 acre piece of property in Maine, these homeowners wanted to create a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by the fields of hay growing on their property. With a wide veranda that stretched around the home, and a bump out on the south side to take advantage of the passive solar warmth, this home settles into the landscape with a green colored roof and a barn style garage.

Conclusion:  Since this home sits on a fairly flat piece of landscaped fields, it was extremely important for it to have a low quality and extend out into the landscape from the center.  Pulling the roofline down and creating a 1 1/2 story house while expanding out with porches and terraces helps to ground the house.  Locating the garage to the north adds an extra buffer from the cold Northern wind that blows across the open landscape.

Energy Efficiency:  As a 1 1/2 story home, this second floor will be all vaulted ceilings and hot roof structure.  Bringing the R-value of the roof up to R-60 and the walls up to R-40 will help to insulate this open home from the harsh Maine winters. Creating a sunspace on the South side will help to absorb passive solar heat in the winter while being shaded by the apple orchard in the summer.


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