Context: Architects are often hired to help homeowners site new construction on existing lots.  Permit offices can require stamped drawings by an Architect.  And although it may not be a fancy new home, giving a client the full attention of an architect can help even the smallest of garage projects, turn into a wonderful space.  This homeowner built their home several years ago, always planning to put up a garage.

Conclusion: After several discussions with the code officer about setbacks from the road, length and width of the building, and general site conditions, we ended up with a two car garage that was deeper then wide.  The homeowner had wanted a 2 1/2 car garage with a wide door to get his motorcycle in and out, however, lot constraints prevented him from being able to this.  The solution was to make the garage deeper, so that his motorcycle could still fit within the garage, and angle the buildings so that access as you come from the circular driveway was easy and convenient.

Energy Efficiency:  Using 2 x 4 wall construction and trusses helps to minimize waste, however, this garage is not intended to be heated.  There was no consideration for energy upgrades or improvements on this project, due to the nature of the building.

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