Context:  After buying a two unit building in Portland, the current homeowner wanted to make a few updates that would make the property more functional. The first floor unit was a 2 bedroom 1-bath unit with a kitchen that was in need of a major overhaul. The 2nd floor unit was located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building, boasting 5 bedrooms and only one bath on the middle level.  To make a more functional rental unit, one of the smaller bedrooms was converted into a beautiful family bath including laundry area adjacent to the other three 3rd floor bedrooms.

Conclusion:  Because the home had so much space, it was easy to fit in a new bathroom without compromising the quality of the upper floors. The lower level kitchen was a tight space with very little cabinet space. To create a more functional kitchen, the entry door was moved to the hallway and an island was placed in the center of the kitchen. By moving the sink the the island, the refrigerator could be tucked against the back wall with cabinetry beside it to expand the storage space. Since the kitchen was wide enough, the island also includes a seating area. Keeping the island at the same height give plenty of space for prep work, and still leaves a nice area for seating.

Energy Efficiency:  Because this project was already a finished home, no new updates were performed aside from adding insulation to the ceiling of the bathrooms where ceiling areas had been pulled down.  An energy audit is in order for this home and will be beneficial to the cost of heating moving forward.

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