Context:  This homeowner was looking to give their 800 SF home a little more breathing room.  Their only option on the site was to go up, and they were looking to change the look of their home from a ranch home to something more modern!

Conclusion:  These homeowners were energy and budget conscience. They wanted to maximize their space with as little footprint as possible. Like most homeowners these days, they craved the open concept floor plan. So we moved around a few walls, and planned to take the roof off which allowed us to give them a much more modern feel to the home.

Energy Efficiency:  It will be critical to properly air seal and insulate the overhanging front portion of the home.  The walls will use cellulose insulation with a combination of air sealing techniques and continuous insulation to reduce thermal bridging.  Since the siding needs to come off for this remodel, it’s the perfect opportunity to take care of those existing first floor walls.

Here’s the before:

Existing Conditions Modern House


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