Context: Although it may not be a fancy new home, giving a client the full attention of an architect can help even the smallest projects turn into a wonderful space.  This homeowner needed an office and a place to meet with clients.  Never be afraid to go bold in your space, especially if your space has lots of light flooding the rooms.  It can be amazing how a simple re-organization of space can give your home purpose. Don’t think that you need a new home when things don’t function in your current home.  Hiring an architect to help reimagine the space can be one of the best decisions you might make.

Conclusion: A three bedroom home for a couple because a one bedroom home with an office and a conference room.  A separate entrance allows clients to come and go in the working area of the home, without ever entering the family areas.  The dual entry lent a lot of flexibility to this home, while finishing the basement into a family room and master bedroom area allowed for a separate and private home space.

Energy Efficiency:  Since this was simply an interior renovation, no energy upgrades were performed during this project.

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