The next Live Solar Maine house is going up! If you’ve been following along with us, or seen Emily over the last 2 years, she has probably talked to you about the Solar Farmhouse and the Zero Energy Ready/ Positively Solar community that she is involved with in Cumberland, Maine. Well, we couldn’t be more pleased with the project and development.

This home is the 3rd home in the 5-lot subdivision and is adjacent to the common trail system on the back of the property. This home will have a first floor master, or as the developer/builder likes to refer to it “a sidecar”! So much fun on these homes, it’s hard not to smile when we get to the site. The walls and sheathing are up, the roof sheathing is on and they were working on trimming out the fascia before the roof goes on. The solar installer informed me that he ordered his panels and he can’t wait to get them in! The south light is just pouring in through the window openings and the “ugly north side” is actually pretty cute!

It was a beautiful day to be on site. What is with this September weather? You can see them improving Solar Way from 1 Solar Way all the way back to this one on the back lot.

Big equipment, lots of construction, happy building!

Stay tuned for more updates on this solar community and feel free to get in contact if you have questions about the subdivision or building a zero energy home!

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