More going on at the Slate Farmhouse with Live Solar Maine

This wall is going to have some amazing vintage windows that open the mudroom/entry to the kitchen to add daylight without adding penetrations through our thermal envelope. It also allows us to add interest and design in a fun and cost effective way! (also note: interior plumbing walls and rigid insulation covering our basement walls)

It’s only October and you can already see the amazing southern light tracking across our floors and warming the space naturally! This farmhouse is oriented South like it’s sister, the modern solar farmhouse, and has a short 5′ overhanging porch for optimal winter solar gain and minimal summer solar gain.

Temporary stairs currently stand where our artist is creating a floating stair to the second floor balcony. You can see the timber framing from an old barn that is holding up our balcony. Timber accents will grace the west facing wall adjacent to the master bedroom all with salvaged timers.

A view up into the balcony

Vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom and second floor bedrooms add an air of spaciousness to create a grander floorplan in a minimized footprint. Low windows draw your eyes outdoors while expanding the feel of the space without actually expanding the footprint.

Second floor balcony overlooking the first floor living area.

Locating the heat pump heads, running all the plumbing and wiring in the interior wall and preparing for insulation. This house is coming together quick! Stay tuned for more updates on how this house comes together.

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