Aiming to always be free and open with my discussion on this project, i’ll admit I have spent very little time on it this week. And the client, who is traveling for business, has asked me not to spend anymore time on it until we can all discuss the project.  I admit, sometimes those words “don’t spend any more time on this” worry me.  But in this case, I know that they are simply traveling for business, and we are pressed up against the holiday season where it is difficult to fit things in-between holiday gatherings and work.

I have, however, continued my research on the flood plane elevation.  I spoke to my surveyor who suggested I try someone more local to see if we could cut down on the cost of having an additional survey done on the property.  I reached out to another local surveyor and learned some very useful information.  The flood plane is eight feet above the lake!  That’s crazy, but FEMA has decided that the bridge at the end of the lake will collapse in the event of a flood, causing the lake waters to rise to heights of eight feet!  At this point, even without a survey, I am fairly certain the entire house is under water.  This makes the kitchen addition a challenge.  I was hoping the rear elevation was a foot above the existing property, but it seems that it might be much higher, making it nearly impossible to move the kitchen to this area if the flood plane is half the distance between the first and second floors.  So once I have the opportunity to discuss with the client the potential for this flood plane elevation issue, I will move forward with re-arranging the space within the home.

It is for exactly this reason that I suggest clients work with an Architect.  It’s imperative to know this information while designing, as opposed to designing a house you love, and then finding out when you go to get a permit, that what you thought you were going to get is something totally different. I prefer to measure twice and cut once.

Next week is thanksgiving, so likely there will be no progress on this project.  Being a holiday we will call it a skip week!  See you all in two weeks as we remember to be thankful for all that we have and give thanks to those who have done so much for us this year!

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