I got some great news this week.  No, we were not allowed to add an additional 1000SF to the house.  The total maximum square footage can be 1000SF or you can do a 30% expansion, whichever is greater.  In this case, we already have 1400SF so taking advantage of the 30% expansion is the only option.  However, recently they have eliminated the 30% volume restriction, which means, as long as you stay under 20 feet in height, the second story does not count in your 30% expansion.  So I now have 1400 SF plus an additional 420SF addition which could also be two stories if I wanted to.  As long as I keep the height below 20 feet, I can add an additional 2,240 SF to this house.  It’s simply a reminder that going to the code officer and working together to figure out the rules always makes for happy code enforcement and great information for designing your project.

After my meeting with the code officer I dug right into the design of the structure.  The clients want craftsman style and with the height restriction i’m thinking something low that extends out into the landscape, a la Greene and Greene.  I had so much fun coming up with multiple plan options, I can’t wait to discuss the possibilities with my clients next week.  Right now we will go back to the beginning weeks again and discuss plans and what fits within the space and program.  Afterwards I will start with 3D models, pushing and pulling until it’s a beautiful house that they will love. Maybe just enough room to be comfortable, but not too much room that family comes to stay and never leaves!

All in all a successful week. I can’t stress the importance enough of working with an Architect to make sure that someone has your best interest at heart.  It’s so important to know what you can and can’t do with your lot.  And sometimes, you even get surprised with more flexibility then you had originally anticipated. Until next week, it’s been a beautiful week of design and inspiration.  Happy Halloween, welcome to November!


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