UntitledThis week was meeting week! Even though I am an introvert, I truly enjoy the time I spend with my clients.  Getting to know them and understanding their family dynamics to design the perfect home for them is rewarding. This week we were discussing the possibilities of renovating the existing house instead of building a new house.  If you read the blog from last week you know that I had some conflicting information from the code officer and I had to go into the meeting this week without a clear definition of what they would be allowed to do.  I showed the client the sketches that I had put together based on what I thought the interpretation of the rules were.  They were very excited that they would get almost everything they wanted in renovation that they would get in the new house.  They had been thinking about the project while they were away and were concerned about building a whole new house in their neighborhood.  Would they have the most expensive house, would they be building above the the level and character of the camp like neighborhood.  So they are very excited about the possibilities of renovating the existing house. They asked what I thought it would cost, and I told them that it would likely be half of what they were going to spend to for the new house, but that there would be a lot of trade offs. They will have to keep 50% of the existing structure which could mean windows, doors, walls, and other components that they would like to change.  So now it becomes a numbers game.  What to keep, what to take out, and can we really do exactly what we want within the rules of the town.

I left the meeting letting them know that I would check in with other code officers in the state and get their opinion on the state rules.  Then I would take a set of plans in to the town office and sit down with the local code official to finally get some clarification on the rules based on the plans we have.  At that point I would need to visit the home, measure everything existing, and then start working out concrete plans that exactly meet the parameters of the code office, and the clients personal needs.  Because it’s not just a home they own, it’s a home they should love to own.

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