Mottram Architecture is venturing into the world of plan set availability! We feel strongly that everyone should have access to good design, both efficient, functional, and healthy. Over the last year we have had many discussions with builders about whether or not we would open our portfolio and whether or not we had plan sets they could look at or purchase. In response to that, we have been developing plan sets, super insulated and zero energy ready, behind the scenes. We thought it would be advantageous to add a few more modern and contemporary designs to our portfolio and we have a wonderful homeowner that acted as the engine to see this come together. So today, we are sharing a rendering of our MArch Modern plan that is set to go into construction in October! Stay tuned for how it all comes together! And if you’re curious, stay in touch with us as MArch on the Lake comes online, along with a few more Live Solar designs and a couple other plan sets with released dates in: you guessed it: March of 2018!

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