Context: An existing cape style home just a short few minutes from the beach in Kennebunk Maine boasts of a quiet lot and peaceful setting.  The home, having only two bedrooms on the second floor, was functional for the current owners, but wasn’t going to meet their needs as they grew into the home.

Conclusion:  To provide additional first floor living space for this couple, an addition was necessary.  Lot provisions allowed them to increase the side of the home by 25’, providing a spacious first floor bedroom.  The homeowners did not want to lose the two upper story windows, so the addition was dropped 18” to accommodate the roofline and upper story windows. To provide better function for the second story bedrooms, the office was moved to the un-used first floor den.  The bathroom is configured to separate the toilet and sink to allow it to function as a half bath, but open with a pocket door to become part of the master bath.  The flow from the bedroom can be either through the shower room/vanity into the laundry/half bath and into the kitchen space.  Or through a second doorway which allows you to move from the bedroom through the office and into the living room and main entry.  To keep with the historic style of the home, two first floor windows that were removed in the renovation were installed on the front of the addition facing the road so all the windows are the same.

Energy Efficiency:  The addition was constructed using advanced framing, zip system plywood with built in rigid insulation for a complete thermal barrier around the entire addition, spray foam in the vaulted ceiling and dense packed insulation in the walls and remainder of the ceiling cavities.  The super insulated space is heated with an air to air heat exchanger that serves only the new space.

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