Mottram Architecture was started in 2009 during the economic downturn, when many in the profession were reconsidering their chosen career path. Instead of moving away from architecture, I embraced it knowing that architecture was my true passion and set out to discover what could make the difference in today’s economy. So I regrouped what I loved about architecture, realized that energy efficient design and construction was my passion, and I have spent the last 5 years teaching, training, and learning everything about the ever changing energy design world. Providing energy consulting has allowed me to broaden my professional skills in energy efficient design and construction, helping Mottram Architecture to become the firm it is today!


Our design approach is to continually weave architecture and sustainability together in every project creating a truly integrated design. You may not have come to us with energy efficiency in mind, but we hope to leave you with a thoughtfully designed, functional, energy efficient space that uniquely fits you and your lifestyle. We are diverse in our style of design, if you want to design an arts and crafts home we will meet your design aesthetic. If you want to design a mid century modern home we committed to making your dreams a reality and remaining diverse, while providing energy efficient design options from the moment your project arrives at our door.


Our process of integrated design starts from the site and builds all the way though the envelop, lighting, heating, energy production, waste, and water. We are continually thinking beyond the built structure and developing the feeling of the space. We ask our clients questions like “How do you want to feel when you pull in the driveway” or “List the qualities you associate with each room in your home”. We have spent years developing the skills required of an architect, the detailed knowledge of building, and more specifically for Mottram Architecture, the detailed knowledge of cold climate building materials, assemblies and systems. We are dedicated to getting you the most out of your space and budget while creating what everyone desires – “Place”


What sets us apart from other design firms is that we have spent the last seven years dedicating ourselves to the study of energy efficient building. Whether you come to us wanting to build a NET ZERO home or just wanting to build the best home you can afford, we hope you’ll leave with a truly sustainable building. Don’t let that scare you away, everyone can be more “green” with simple, cost effective, materials, assemblies, and systems. Not only is Emily Mottram trained in the field of architecture, she is also a Home Energy Rater, Building Performance Institute Analyst, LEED AP, and an Energy Efficient Mortgage Partner. We feel so strongly about everyone’s ability to be more sustainable that we will show you how it can be done in each and every new space.